An Update from the Author

As Eco Stories enters its fourth week, I am taking a moment to step back and reflect on the mission of the site. I have decided that posting one essay every two weeks will allow for more thoroughly researched content –trips to the archives, to research sites, etc –to allow you a deeper peek into the local environment.

So, look for the next post in a week. In the meantime, thank you for reading and sharing!

Mapping a community’s air

The word volatile has many meanings.

It can, for example, convey the violently responsive and on-edge –as in, a volatile person, or a volatile situation to avoid. Volatile can describe an object that is elusive, or one that can’t be held down. It can mean a thing that flies, as in the Spanish volador. Or it can mean, in the most scientific and precise terms, a chemical substance that is poised to evaporate at normal temperatures.